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We check irrigation systems for compliance with city codes

Maximize water savings

Protect your landscaping from the summer heat with a spring checkup!

Irri-Tech held Texas Irrigation License #2

Check for damage or clogged nozzles

Experience with some of the most advanced commercial irrigation and residential irrigation systems in the country

IRRI*TECH has designed irrigation systems for a single townhouse, corporate campuses, golf courses, apartments, large site developments and LEED/green projects

Residential sprinkler system repair in Dallas and surrounding areas

Design, install, maintain, and promote water efficient irrigation.

More About IRRI-TECH

IRRI-TECH is a family owned company that has served the landscape irrigation needs for Dallas and the surrounding areas since 1968 under Texas Irrigation License #2. We are now in our second generation and are just as proud to serve you and our over 45 years of committed customers. Our experience designing irrigation, installing irrigation, modifying irrigation, and servicing irrigation for some of the most advanced commercial irrigation and residential irrigation systems in the country gives Irri-Tech experience well beyond any other landscape irrigation company. Let us bring our expertise to serve your irrigation needs. IRRI-TECH was the first and is still one of the few companies that provides their clients with a complete irrigation system package. We have one of the most highly respected consulting services in the industry. Our installation expertise is well known through the southwest for speed and craftsmanship. We are well versed in selecting alternate…

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A slow drip can waste nearly 20 gallons of water a day, or 7,000 gallons a year.

NTMWD Water Restrictions

The current modified stage 3 water restrictions for cities under the North Texas Municipal Water District allow watering once every two weeks. The...