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Commercial Landscape Irrigation


IRRI-TECH has designed and installed irrigation systems from small townhouses to systems larger than 300 acres. We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the areas of hydraulics, pipe installation, current irrigation products, computer systems, construction methods, and safety. As an example our portfolio includes designing and installing a project utilizing a 6,000 GPM pump station, tilt wall pump house, 16 inch irrigation main lines, and a computerized irrigation control system.

IRRI-TECH maintains permanent installation crews that are IRRI-TECH employees. We maintain our field staff year round and we do not use temporary help or subcontractors. Our field Project Supervisor has more than 35 years and our Foremen average more than 30 years of service with our company. Our crews are well trained in IRRI-TECH’s installation techniques which are generally more stringent than most project specifications.

As part of our field operations team, we have an on staff Project Supervisor. The Project Supervisor is responsible for all daily field operations. It is his job to inspect the site prior to installation to make sure that areas are ready for our crews to begin work. He will visit the construction site each day to make sure that the Foremen are following the plans and specifications and that the job is on schedule. The Project Supervisor will also final inspect the system, upon completion, with the Owner’s Representative. It is his responsibility to make sure all punch list items have been completed.

Each of our installation crews is under the direct control of a working Foreman. All daily operations, conformance to plans and specifications, safety, and maintaining the site progress schedule are his responsibility.

IRRI-TECH carries automobile, general liability and workers compensation insurance with limits exceeding those required by the State of Texas. We maintain an excess umbrella liability policy for additional coverage.

IRRI-TECH provides a level of service and knowledge that exceeds what is generally provided by others in the irrigation industry. When you use our company, we want to exceed your expectations so you will use us for all your future irrigation needs.