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Dallas’ Premiere Irrigation Consulting and Sprinkler Design Company

IRRI-TECH is a Texas company founded in 1968.  We are one of the largest irrigation design companies in the southwest United States.

IRRI-TECH is a regional company in that our main area of operation is in the State of Texas; we concentrate on providing residential and commercial sprinkler systems to Dallas and surrounding cities.  However, through our clients we have designed projects all over the United States and several foreign countries.  With our extensive contacts throughout the industry, we are able to research local practices and specify sprinkler system materials and installation procedures that are appropriate for the local area.

Our Team and Your Project

Our design team members are licensed under the Texas Irrigator Advisory Council.  Our founder currently holds Irrigator License #2 and has served on the state licensing board.  We are active not just in Dallas, but in state and national organizations within the irrigation industry.  Our design team has over 115 years of experience in the design and installation of sprinkler systems.

As part of our management team, your sprinkler system project will also be assigned to one of our Corporate Officers.  This person will ultimately be responsible for insuring that the project is completed per the contract agreement and within the specified time.  This individual will attend job meetings as required, approve any changes to the design or the scope of work, and oversee the actual design.  This person will do the final “red line” review of the irrigation design before the plan is submitted for final approval.

Our Clients Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Irri-Tech has designed irrigation systems for a single townhouse, corporate campuses, golf courses, apartments, large site developments and LEED/Green projects. We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the areas of hydraulics, pipe installation, current sprinkler system products, computer systems, construction methods, safety and rain harvesting.  We have extensive experience in the use of water wells, pump stations and water treatment systems.

Our Process

We can provide budget numbers, water meter locations, and sleeve plans as necessary.  We can prepare reports detailing cost comparisons between using potable water and other sources of non-potable water.  Our level of expertise will allow us to design and specify pump stations, water wells, and water storage facilities.

As part of our services, we can help with analyzing the chemical content of any non-potable water source for excess salts or minerals.  Elevated levels of minerals and salts can be harmful to plant material and stain hardscape elements.  If necessary, we can recommend and specify the appropriate treatment system to make the non-potable water useable within the irrigation system.

Irri-Tech can provide budget estimates, feasibility studies, and master plan studies for your sprinkler system project.  With our background in current pricing and construction practices, we can help prepare long term budgets for multiple phase projects.

Based on our knowledge of the irrigation industry, we select the type equipment to be used to fit each site’s special needs.  Each equipment line has material that is appropriate for certain applications and we make equipment choices based on what works for each specific project. With our extensive knowledge of hydraulics, irrigation practices, and irrigation equipment we are able to design any size project.  For example we have designed and specified a system with a 6,000 GPM pump station, 16 inch and smaller main lines, and an architectural pump house.  We have designed and specified many projects using Rain Bird, Toro, Motorola, or Hunter computer based control packages.

Water Conservation is Important

Irri-Tech incorporates water conservation measures into all of our designs.  All sprinkler systems are designed not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended maximum spacing between sprinkler heads.  In areas where there are wind conditions, we reduce the spacing to help compensate for the wind.  All systems are designed with a specific head spacing pattern that we maintain throughout the plan for uniformity of coverage.  Each sprinkler system is designed to provide a minimum of one inch of water to the plant material in a six to eight hour time frame.  The types of plant material, sun and shade issues, grading, water availability and water cost are issues that are taken into consideration in our designs.  All of these items work together to provide uniformity of coverage, which helps reduce the amount of water, used in the system.


Irri-Tech carries automobile, general liability and workers compensation insurance with limits exceeding those required by the State of Texas.  All employees, from Corporate Officers to Supervisors to Office Administrative staff, are covered by our Workers Compensation Policy.  We maintain an excess umbrella liability policy for additional coverage beyond the limits of our standard policies.  This means that you are protected any time a member of our staff is on your site or in your facility.


The members of our design department have experience in all phases of the irrigation industry.  We have personnel who have worked in installation, distribution, and manufacturing.  Our installation experience allows us to temper our design so that installation and maintenance are economical, practical, and based on real world conditions.  The distribution experience means we have an understanding of both pricing and availability of any products specified.  With our manufacturing background we have the technical expertise and product knowledge necessary to insure a system that satisfies the needs of the project and the owner.

Irri-Tech knowledge of hydraulics and irrigation design means that you get a design that is practical, economical, and easy to maintain.  Our experience means that the sprinkler system will be within the budget allowances we have established for your project.  Our commitment to quality means that your site will look its best with a minimum amount of water.  When you select our firm for your irrigation consultant, we want the quality of our work to be a positive reflection on your decision to use our firm.