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Commercial Services

IRRI-TECH is one of Texas’s leading, largest, and longest-running commercial irrigation companies. We have designed and installed irrigation systems for all sizes of clients – from small and medium-sized businesses to projects larger than 300 acres.

Over the years, we’ve built firsthand experience in hydraulics, pipe installation, current irrigation products, computer systems, construction methods, and safety. One of the largest projects in our portfolio includes the installation of a 6,000 GPM pump station, tilt wall pump house, 16-inch irrigation main lines, and a computerized irrigation control system.

IRRI-TECH maintains an in-house team of permanent installation crews. We employ our field staff year-round. Unlike the other guys, we don’t use temporary help or subcontractors. Our Field Project Supervisor has 35+ years of experience, and our Foremen have more than 30+ years of experience, on average, with our company. Our crews are well-trained professionals with proven commercial irrigation experience.

Our field operations team includes an on-staff Project Supervisor. The Project Supervisor is responsible for all daily field operations. It’s his job to inspect the site prior to installation to verify it’s ready for crews to begin work. The Project Supervisor visits the construction site daily to make sure the Foremen are following the plans and specifications. In most cases, IRRI-TECH’s company-standard installation techniques are stricter than project specifications. Once the project is complete, the Project Supervisor performs the final inspection in conjunction with the Owner’s Representative to verify all punch list items were completed.

Each installation crew is under the direct control of a working Foreman. The Foreman is responsible for daily operations, conformance to plans and specifications, safety, and maintaining the site progress schedule.

Overall, our level of service and knowledge exceeds our competitors. We use our expertise to create your optimal irrigation solution.


We use our expertise to make your project successful. We customize our process based on the unique needs of your project.

  • We can provide budget numbers, water meter locations, and sleeve plans as necessary. We can prepare reports highlighting the cost of potable water versus non-potable water sources. We can design and specify pump stations, water wells, and water storage facilities.
  • We can also analyze the chemical content of non-potable water sources for excess salts or minerals. Higher levels of minerals and salts can damage plants and stain hardscape elements. Where appropriate, we can recommend and specify the optimal treatment to make non-potable water usable within the irrigation system.
  • IRRI-TECH can create budget estimates, feasibility studies, and master plan studies for any sprinkler system project. Using our background in current pricing and construction practices, we can also prepare long-term budgets for complex, multi-phase projects.
  • With our in-depth knowledge of the irrigation industry, we can choose the ideal equipment for any project’s unique needs. Backed by extensive knowledge of hydraulics, irrigation practices, and irrigation equipment, we can choose the ideal equipment for any size or type of project.


After designing your ideal irrigation system, our experts install that system. We employ our in-house team of installation technicians year-round to ensure the highest quality outcomes for any commercial project.

Our commercial irrigation installation services include:

  • Oversee projects of all sizes and scopes
    Install pump stations, water wells, and water storage facilities
  • Install the appropriate equipment for each site’s unique needs
  • Install commercial projects of all scopes and sizes from beginning to end using experienced crew of full-time irrigation professionals

We have proven experience designing and installing systems as large as 6,000 GPM pump stations, 16-inch and smaller main lines, and architectural pump houses. We have also designed and specified projects using Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Baseline, and Motorola, computer-based control packages.


Maintaining complex commercial systems is tricky. We’re up to the challenge. We provide a wide range of maintenance and compliance services.

Maintenance checkups (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) by our skilled technicians:

  • Check every component of irrigation system and repair or replace as necessary to verify irrigation system is ready for summer heat
  • Check irrigation controller for proper operation
  • Check the rain and freeze sensors
    Check zone valves to ensure the controller is turning them on or off automatically

Check system to verify compliance with city codes

  • Verify the existing irrigation includes a working backflow preventer
  • Check if the sprinklers or irrigation system produce over-spray onto sidewalks or driveways
  • Verify the irrigation system includes a working rain and temperature sensor

Maximize water savings:

  • Update your sprinkler system to a “Smart” or “ET” controller
  • Modify existing spray irrigation to more efficient drip irrigation in planter beds
  • Change older nozzles to high efficiency nozzles
  • Check spray head patterns and nozzles for efficient coverage
  • Audit water usage
  • Check for leaks in zone valves, heads, and piping
  • Clean clogged nozzles
  • Adjust nozzles for coverage and water savings


We repair, service, and maintain commercial irrigation systems of all shapes and sizes. We’ve never encountered an irrigation problem we couldn’t repair.

Available commercial irrigation repair services include: