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Residential Services

We’ll apply over half of a century of commercial and residential experience to service residential irrigation systems in the Dallas Metro area to help get you the lushest landscape while conserving water with the latest methods and technology available. Let us use our extensive expertise to help with your irrigation needs at competitive prices.

Maximize water savings:

  • Update your sprinkler system to a “smart” controller
  • Modify existing spray irrigation to more efficient micro spray or drip irrigation in planter beds
  • Change older nozzles to high efficiency nozzles
  • Check spray head patterns and nozzles for efficient coverage
  • Minimize overspray on sidewalks, driveways, etc.

Check system to verify compliance with city codes

  • Verify the existing irrigation includes a properly working backflow preventer.
  • Check if the sprinklers produce overspray onto sidewalks or driveways.
  • Verify the irrigation includes a properly working rain and temperature sensor.

Sprinkler Checkup:

  • Check irrigation controller for proper operation
  • Coordinate controller programming and provide helpful tips to save water
  • Check rain and freeze sensors
  • Check and repair zone valves to ensure they are working properly
  • Check for leaks
  • Check and clean clogged nozzles 
  • Replace or adjust nozzles for coverage and water savings

Other residential sprinkler system maintenance services:

  • Cut and cap your existing irrigation in the areas effected before yard upgrades (like new a deck, pool, fence, or new planting beds)
  • Reinstall sprinkler system to conform to new hardscape and landscaping
  • Add drip tubing around the foundation of your house to minimize the expansion and contracting of the soil caused by weather conditions


We can repair and maintain all types of residential irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Our sprinkler system repair services include:

  • Repair or replace controllers
  • Repair or replace rain and freeze sensors
  • Use electronic wire tracers to locate cut valve wires or buried zone valves while minimizing damage to landscaping
  • Repair or replace stuck zone valves
  • Locate and repair cracked or broken pipes
  • Replace damaged spray heads
  • Unclog or replace spray head nozzles